by Dennis McGeary

Truck Driving—A Great Job for the Hardworking

You know that truck driving is one of America’s most important jobs. Our communities depend on truckers like you to bring their medicines, clean water, fresh food and all the comforts that we enjoy every day. Without truck drivers, our economy would grind to a stop. Truck driving is a great job for those who love to be behind the wheel and take in the sights. From amber waves of grain, from sea to shining sea, driving can take you to places across the US that you’ve never seen before.

Truck Driving is Tough

That’s the honest truth. As a truck driver for over 25 years, I know the difficulties and stresses that come with truck driving. I’m Dennis McGeary, and I spent 15 years as a company driver and 10 years as an independent driver. It’s a tough week when you spend 12 hours a day balancing time between driving, dealing with shippers and receivers, hopefully 8 hours sleeping, and time spent eating, showering, and getting ready for the day.

Once you get your coffee and map out your routes, you still have to make sure your settlements are being accurately added up. While we know that companies do their best to make sure your settlements are fairly resolved, sometimes humans make mistakes, and you have to double-check and make sure there are no errors.

Trucking is a Busy Life

For independent drivers, lease drivers and owner operators—we know that you can drive up to 70 hours a week. Plus, your truck and trailer need regular maintenance, washing and cleaning both inside and out. All these responsibilities including taking important care of yourself, determining your route, and fueling stops can easily add to over 176 hours per week. The problem is, we only have 168 hours in our week.

Trucking is also one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States, requiring 100% of your attention while on the road. People who work behind a desk can get up and stretch, chat with a coworker, or visit the watercooler. Driving behind the wheel demands your full attention, while your back aches sitting for long hours. Trust me, I know.

Truck Driving can be Tough on Family

Long hours away from home, sometimes days or weeks or even months at a time, add up. I’ve missed out on my children growing up. That’s unfortunately time I will never get back. Soccer games, science projects, birthday parties, anniversaries, baseball practice and the scouts—we can’t always be there while providing for the family.

I’ve been through 2 divorces while doing this job, and I know all too well the stresses that your family suffers. If you’ve been trucking long enough, you are aware of the high divorce rates for truck drivers. Yet, I still love my job and all the truck driving industry provided.

Your Hard-Earned Money

Truck driving is a demanding job, one of the most important jobs in the United States and yet also one of the most underpaid. I know that you work hard for your pay—and there are always hands groping for your hard-earned money.

Uncle Sam is looking to get his fair share, brokers can be greedy, and you have to make sure you are not being cheated out of your proper earnings. These organizations, including the government, are looking out for themselves at your expense. They are all looking out for their share of your hard-earned money, but who is looking out for you?

Where is the Time to Manage the Books?

 With your rare free time in between driving, planning routes, and everything else you have to do, you still have to manage your books and do your bookkeeping. Don’t get me wrong, I never minded the task so much, but not after working all day and being dead-tired. I wanted to rest and recuperate when I had a free moment while working away from home, and I know you need that too.

During your precious free time at home, you want to see your friends and family. Enjoy regular family life, relax in the home you work so hard to support. Hug your wife and hold your children, rough up your growing teenager’s wild hair. How did those kids get so big in just two weeks?

My busy ex-wife used to manage my books, on top of caring for our children and the household. Life was stressful and looking back, I’m not surprised our relationship ended in a divorce. After my divorce, I took over my bookkeeping and quickly remembered what I didn’t like about truck driving.

I tried looking into “managing bookkeeping for truck drivers with Excel”, free trucking account software, and QuickBooks for trucking. I had no luck with a trucker bookkeeping app. I was still too exhausted for all of it. Keeping track of receipts was not my favorite part of the job.

I Iooked into hiring a bookkeeper, but it was expensive. A lot of big bookkeeping firms and small bookkeeping firms were ready to take a big chunk of my paycheck, and I simply couldn’t afford it. Those companies have no idea what you are going through, and not one of them has been behind the wheel, doing your job.

Bookkeepers want your money and can’t sympathize with all your sacrifices of time, health, and family life. I was tired of it. I couldn’t hire a full-time bookkeeper; I was just one truck driver. Large companies with big corporate fleets can afford the hundreds of dollars that it costs—but not you and me.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Somehow after being beaten down by the trucking industry, after two divorces, I was blessed to meet my wonderful fiancé, Patrina. She had a special gift for managing books and actually enjoyed the work. For the first time ever, my books were up to date and my taxes were ready to file on time.

I can’t tell you how this help with my bookkeeping changed my books and changed my life. Patrina and I wondered, why did bookkeeping for truck drivers have to cost so much money?

What if we could provide this relief to other hardworking truck drivers, and help ease their worries about their paperwork? What if we could help give them back the joy of some free time, because they didn’t have to stress about the books?

We think anyone willing to make the sacrifices that truck drivers make to keep America rolling deserve to be served by someone who knows exactly how hard their lives are. We know how grueling your work can be.

We know how much your family misses you, and how you need to spend that precious free time with the most important people in your life. After two divorces, I know all too well how hard the trucker life can be.

Keep Rollin’ On—Bookkeeping just for Truck Drivers.

Patrina and I started a small bookkeeping company geared just towards truck drivers, so we could help people just like you manage the books. We wanted to provide truck drivers with the highest quality service, while keeping the costs low, because we are passionate about helping the hardest working people in America.

It’s our mission to serve you, the truck driver. We will always have your back. We don’t cater to big companies; we want to support the individual hard-working driver. The family man who drives to support his wife and kids. You deserve to be served by someone who has been in your shoes and know how much you need a little time to yourself.

At Keep Rollin’ On—Our Drive is to Go the Extra Mile for You.

Juggling your bookkeeping among all your other work responsibilities is tough. We know helping people manage their paperwork could give them back some much-needed free time. If your bookkeeping was taken care of by people who actually know the trucking industry, plus at a low cost to you.. What could you do with more free time?

You Deserve More Free Time

How would you spend your free time, when not worrying about your books? Take a breather while out on the road and relax for once? Maybe catch a movie or do something you like? Take a minute to see the town you are in, not just drive through. Call your family back home and check in on the kids after school, ask how that math test went.

Could more free time during those important home days help you catch up with friends and family? You’ve been a stranger for days while out on the road. While at home, you can really be there for your family, instead of being buried in paperwork at the kitchen table.

With more free time, you could take your wife out to dinner, because that’s important. Go to your kid’s baseball games and really unwind and enjoy that valued time with the ones you love. Free time to spend with family may do wonders for your relationships, believe me I know how important that is.

Trust the Experts Who’ve Been There

As a truck driver for over 25 years, I know firsthand how stressful bookkeeping can be with all you have going on. Trust us to help manage your books, so you can enjoy the driving part, and find some much-needed free time for yourself and your family. It’s time someone looked out for you and your best interests.

How We Can Help

  • We only serve small-time truck drivers & small-time carriers
  • Low rates, with the highest quality service just for drivers
  • Best possible tax return for you is our goal
  • Be ready for an audit at any time
  • Your taxes will be ready-to-go on time
  • I’ve been in the driver’s seat, and know what it’s like

Who We Are

I’m Dennis McGeary, a truck driver for over 25 years. I spent 15 years as a company driver and 10 years as an independent driver. I know the stress that comes along with this grueling job. After the years of hardship, and wracking my brain trying to find the time and energy to do my books, I was so blessed to find help. My amazing fiancé, and personal bookkeeper, Patrina changed my life and allowed me to enjoy a little free time. I could focus on what I enjoyed about truck driving.

We both wanted to help other hard-working drivers and provide them with a low-cost, high quality bookkeeping service. The hardest-working people in America deserve the very best, and we’re here to help give them some quality of life back. We only serve you, the small-time truck drivers, and small fleet owners, we’ve got your back.

Contact us today to see how Keep Rollin’ On can tailor a plan to meet your individual needs. At Keep Rollin’ On, our commitment is to go the extra mile for you.


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